Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yurt Raising!

It was a gorgeous day, and we started early. My yurt was finally assembled and ready to put up. I had run into issues acquiring enough recycled lumber for the deck, so I decided to build the yurt on the ground. I had previously raised the height of the yurt site about a foot, then used a transit and plate compactor to level it. I then put a layer of billboard material(fiber reinforced PVC) down as a moisture barrier.

After that, we laid out the khana(wall) sections and assembled them.

That's 850 10-24 1&1/4" bolts!

After that, we stood the wall up, expanded it, and attached the door.

Then came running the support cable and building of the scaffolding for the roof ring.

By this point, our supervisory task force was at the peak of their game.

What you don't see in the pic below is the 3 people holding the scaffold up. I built it from memory, and was about a foot short in height. Sorry, guys!

After we got a few in, the scaffold could be removed.(set down?)

From there it was easy going, one rafter after another, until we reached the magic number of 42 rafters(no joke!). Had to be careful to keep the roof ring level.

The crew at the end of day 1.

The cover went on super fast the next day!

Next I'll cover the insulation!