Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Formatting Fixed!

Looks like that with the latest update of Firefox and IE, this page stopped displaying properly. I believe the issue is fixed now.


  1. So much easier to read!!! thanks for the fix, and do please keep us updated on the yurt living.

    Couple questions for you: How's the greywater system working out? any idea how much water you're using per day? and where's the water coming from?

    I'd love to see some building info also, specifically the roof ring. I'm down in Denver, may be next time I'm up your way I can come check it out....sorry to ramble, all jacked up on coffee :)


  2. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for following!

    The graywater system is working wonderfully. No issues or maintenance required so far. My maximum estimated water usage is somewhere around 15 gals per day, including drinking, bathing, and cooking water. I have to haul in my water(this involves a 50-gallon drum in the back of my Subaru), which is part of the reason I use so little.

    I will eventually publish full plans and drawings for the yurt and build instructions in the near future. Next time you're in town give me a call via the call widget on the right and I'll give you a tour. :)

  3. Hey Chase, thanks for the reply,glad to hear its working well for you. Next time I'm headed to the fort I'll give yo a shout.

    I found this yesterday kinda randomly, very similar to what you've done..